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About Me
Welcome to my homepage. My name is Clay. I am married to Ladypegasi. I would like to thank her for helping to organize my pages. Also for helping me with some of the "stuff" to create my pages. This is my wife's page LadyPegasi's Page. I am also supplying some other links to other sites which I have visited. The link areas will be updated when I have time to do so. Let me know if they don't work so I can fix them. You can do so by e-mailing me or sign my guest book. It would also help if you tell me which one/ones they are. Please understand that it might take some time to fix things or I may not understand how to work certain suggestions into my page workings. My E-mail address is or signing my guest book. THANK YOU FOR VISITING AND HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR VISIT HERE AS I HAVE ENJOYED VISITING OTHERS.

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